The Internet turns shopping into an anywhere, anytime activity.

Reviews influence the buyer decision about where to shop and you are more likely to be considered if you provide reviews and testimonials on your site.

Why reviews matter...
  • 0%use the internet for vehicle research.
  • 0%use social media for vehicle research and expect to find customer reviews to help assess a dealership’s service.
  • 0%decided where to buy from based on that research.
  • 0%were more likely to buy after reading positive reviews and then visiting the dealership.
  • 0%consumer is likely to only visit 1 dealership when ready to make a purchase.
  • 0%search online when dealerships are closed.  Shoppers have become more internet savvy and expect reviews.
  • 0%of prospective customers would travel upto 100 miles to visit a dealership which had been recommended.
Summary information from CAPGEMINI Generation Connected Report - Cars Online 2014

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Widen your net to attract new business

The route to buying a new car is changing and the online market place has become the first stop when choosing a new vehicle and where to buy from.
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