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Straight-talking surveys enable a greater understanding of your customers’ journey

Our surveys tell you about your customers’ experience in your dealership and provide intelligence regarding the sales and aftersales process, marketing effectiveness and management of the business, alongside the opportunity to display customer satisfaction scores and testimonials on your website and social media platforms.

Increased satisfaction, referrals and sales

Understanding your customers’ automotive experience is the first step in delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. Our independent surveys provide you with the data you need, when you need it, to see things through your customer’s eyes.

In addition to understanding your customers car-buying and aftersales experience, we can directly help you sell more cars by identifying customers who are still in the market and feeding them as hot leads back into your business.

Sharing results and promoting your reviews builds your online reputation

The survey results and reviews provide your dealership with an online marketing opportunity to showcase your independent survey scores and testimonials on your website home-page via our onscreen widget.

We offer the flexibility to keep your website reviews updated automatically supporting your company’s integrity online by listing all reviews however, if you chose not to, you can list none.

The performance scores are constantly updated onscreen and every testimonial is sent to a designated contact for review.

Our ‘right to reply’ facility allows you the opportunity to respond immediately to a consumer with a concern or negative view and turn this around quickly and effectively.

We listen to your individual requirements and can customise our widget to suit your site.

Our digital know-how ensures we provide you with tried and tested products which promote your customer opinions about the service you deliver to the online marketplace and can link to update your other social media with referrals. You are effectively ‘open all hours’ when your prospective customers are browsing and therefore you are more likely to be the dealership they choose.

Dont just take our word for it

See what our customers say.

What our customers are saying...

‘The JudgeService used car CSI system is one of the most exciting things I have come across in ages. It gives a simple view of what our business is doing in the vital area of used car customer experience, an area which as an industry we have all ignored for too long. We plan to embed JudgeService into how we do business..’

What our customers are saying...

‘We’ve been clients of JudgeService for over three years and have worked closely with the team to get the very best out of the service. JudgeService ReAct which surveys used car buyers and ProAct which surveys lost sales both offer fantastic and timely information on customers who’ve bought from us and, just as importantly customers who haven’t yet! It’s a great service that enables our whole network of dealers to respond quickly to customer feedback and the testimonials that the customers provide also help us make sure we are recognising the great job our teams are doing. The backup and support the team offer is excellent and the MI is spot on. We know it has helped us improve our customers experience and our dealers understanding of this, and it’s had the additional benefit of helping us to sell more cars.’

What our customers are saying...
‘We have been using the JudgeService Used Car Programme for 2 years now, and after a successful trial we rolled-out the new ProAct Lost Sales/Prospecting component throughout the Pentagon Group. For 2 years we had been finding out what our customers who bought from us thought about our cars and our service, now with ProAct we can gain a clear understanding of the trends and the thoughts of the consumer who don’t go on to buy a car from us. This enables us to spot any issues in a dealership early, meaning we can intervene quickly and put right any problems.

What’s more, the ‘Still in Market’ report generates around 100 ‘hot’ customers a month for us to revisit. Overall it’s a great tool.’

What our customers are saying...
‘We use JudgeService to react quickly to what our customers are saying and ensure our centres are offering the right service for those who are in the used car market. The independent service allows us to gain a real understanding of what our clients are looking for and enables visitors to be completely open and honest in their appraisal of us. Identifying trends and customers’ needs means we can improve our offerings and boost sales results.’

What our customers are saying...
We have found that JudgeService ProAct gives us a great insight into what our customers think and helps us sell more cars.
What our customers are saying...

‘Since trialing the Judge System at Midland Vauxhall, we have had a lot of positive feedback, which is good to hear. But we have also had some [Action Required] customers. Because these dissatisfied customers have been dealt with by the manager straight away, we have managed to resolve the issues and retain the customer, to such an extent, that two of the customers on returning to the dealership (and having their issues dealt with), purchased 3 year service plans and another customer went on to personally bring his brother down to purchase a car from the showroom.’

What our customers are saying...

‘JudgeService helps our business through reviews and feedback which make that difference in converting a sale nationally, when compared to another dealer that's local to the prospective customer.’

What our customers are saying...

‘We have found that using JudgeService has given us an invaluable insight into how our used car customers perceive our service quality. The response rates give us meaningful data which is reported in a way that allows clear understanding of the customer experience and lets us focus on what we do well and where we can improve it. It also provides us with a mechanism to explore how we might start to influence the ever increasing trend of third party testimonials whilst successfully managing our online reputation.’