More than just a survey

Our products are designed to get the highest response rate, to provide answers to drive your business.

Our Widget

Our survey results are shown online as an overall satisfaction score and uploaded directly onto your website via our widget. This provides the opportunity to showcase your results, ultimately generating more enquiries directly into the business.

Why use our widget?

  • Independent, increases credibility
  • Increases activity on the site
  • Encourages users to stay on the site
  • Validates your reputation
  • Encourages customers to take the first step

Testimonals Online

Customers today expect to see independent reviews and testimonials on dealer websites and social media. They understand the value of high satisfaction scores and positive reviews. They do their research and are looking for honest, transparent reviews which give them more confidence in their chosen dealership. Online research is proven to influence prospective customers who are shopping around and how they decide where to visit.

Right to Reply

Our ‘right to reply’ facility allows you the opportunity to respond immediately to a consumer with a concern or negative view and turn this around quickly and effectively. We listen to your individual requirements and can customise our widget to suit your site.

  • The conversation can be taken ‘offline’ with one clear response
  • The Customer can see the Dealer cares about issues
  • The Customer can see the Dealer knows all responses are LIVE
  • The Customer will leave the process knowing everything has been done to help

SEO integration with Social Media

Your website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), including Google rankings, is increased from the regular automated update of testimonial content on your website. Star ratings can be added to your site to add credibility to your testimonials and are a visual aid to promote your positive reviews.

Constantly updated online testimonials improve your social media content which feed directly to your website blog, Facebook page and twitter newsfeed.

Dealers can achieve greater online visibility through our partnership with who feature your customer testimonials on vehicles listed on the website:

Management Reporting
Our products contain an advanced reporting tool which allows you to use all survey results to provide statistics about the buying process, handover, and vehicle quality. These results can then be used by management teams to review performance and KPI’s. This allows you to produce tailor made reports to review survey results and gain a better understanding of the customer experience. This ensures that the dealer has control over what is reviewed and has access to this information anytime.

Survey Answers

Drill down through customer problems.

Top Sales Execs

Find and reward your best sales people

Attraction Factors

Find out what is bringing customers to your door


The dashboard is designed as a top-level overview of the business highlighting any positive or negative areas for deeper analysis.

The dashboard is available on the home page of every JudgeService users system. It has been generated from customer feedback to simplify the management reporting and provide a summary of business critical kpi’s which will support your CSI.

Dashboard allows you to:

  • Snapshot results at top level as seen on your website
    • Overall satisfaction score
    • Percentage that would recommend the dealership
    • Monthly users – unique number of users who have logged onto the system
  • Opportunities
    • Compare your survey results as an average compared to a similar sized dealership to give a market view.
  • You can rank results on highest and lowest averages
  • Review up to 12 months data at any time
  • Review by group or by dealership level to highlight trends
  • Rank performance and highlight the top performers
  • Identify weaknesses in sales process
  • Click through to survey answers and drill down to detail
  • Assess data quality received for follow up by JudgeService to assess if this can be improved

To find out more about our comprehensive feature set, contact us.