JudgeService Research Ltd is the UK’s number one provider of car dealer reviews.

We have over 855,300 reviews. Our customers are some of the best established names in motor retailing.

Our Partners

We aim to work in partnership with web, CRM and media providers to allow us to integrate with existing systems.

This creates the opportunity to work together with other industry professionals to present dealers with a streamlined process for developing their website, CRM systems or media platforms to include customer feedback and satisfaction data.

One stop shop for dealers looking to capitalise on their on-line presence

By working in partnership, we can ultimately offer a more joined up approach for dealers looking to drive leads to their website, and into their business. This provides a seamless approach for dealers who want to achieve all the benefits of their online presence and drive sales in today’s competitive environment.

We are always working to develop new relationships with more partners to leverage the potential of working together.

To find out more about how we can integrate with your current systems, or how to become a partner, contact us.